What We Support

The Academic and Independent Medical Education (AIME) Grant Office cooperates with eye care delivery organizations, medical societies, and medical education organizations to advance the treatment of disease by narrowing practice gaps through support of continuing education. We are committed to supporting educational activities that seek to accelerate the translation of clinical science to quality patient care.

Educational Activities

AIME Grant Office will consider grant proposals that support certified and non-certified medical education for eye care professionals. Priority will be given to educational activities that are:

  • Certified by an accredited medical education provider
  • Multi-supported (supported by multiple organizations)
  • Aligned with the current medical education goals of theĀ AIME Grant Office

Educational Gaps

The AIMEĀ Grant Office will consider proposals that aim to address educational gaps in the following clinical areas:

  • Cataract Surgery (Fundamentals/Basics, IOLs, Diagnostics, and FLACS)
  • Contact Lens and Lens Care (Lens Platforms, Lens Care Solutions)
  • Dry Eye and Ocular Health (Causes, Types, Impact on Patient)
  • Keratorefractive Surgery (Treatment Options, Femto Laser)
  • Vitreoretinal Surgery (Technology, Techniques, DAVS)
  • Surgical Glaucoma
Click here to view our current AIME education goalsClick here to view our current AIME education goals

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